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Welcome Back. We've Missed You. Learn More. Please donate. Your support has never been more vital to the ROM. Include the ROM in your will. These two installments of the ROM Minoan Goddess project introduce you to some of the suspected although not definitively proven fake figurines, and the genuine Minoan objects that may have inspired them.

It is very hard to certainly prove that any of these are in fact forgeries made in the early 20 th century, but they share characteristics which, taken together, suggest that the figurines were not genuine Minoan objects.

They all have a vague acquisition story and no known archaeological findspot, although several of them are linked to particular areas of Crete as their stories were retold over the decades after they were acquired.

This sort of imprecise archaeological provenience is not in itself particularly surprising, since, if genuine, these pieces were smuggled out of Crete without permission from the authorities.

However, many of the figurines have a suspiciously similar collection pattern, travelling through the hands of the same people.

They are also similar in aspects of their stylistic and technical details — resembling the archaeologically excavated Minoan artefacts, but different in certain key respects.

As I discuss in an earlier post , there is evidence that fake Minoan artefacts were being made and then artificially aged in Crete by the people who worked with Arthur Evans excavating the genuine Minoan remains at Knossos.

Statuette of a snake goddess in gold and ivory, now in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston no. There are several versions of the story about how this object travelled from Crete to the US, explained by Lapatin, whose book concentrated on this figurine.

It arrived at the museum as many fragments of ivory and gold in a small tin, which were then restored using wax and plaster to replace the missing right arm and pieces of skirt.

The figure had originally been carved from several pieces of ivory joined together — the two arms were separate, as was the lower skirt. The gold decoration on the dress was attached with gold pins, and pins were also used on the breasts as nipples.

The crown of the goddess is all that remains of a larger headdress, and the row of holes around the forehead may once have held the pins securing a gold diadem or metal locks of hair.

Evans declared it to be a genuine Minoan goddess and published it in Palace of Minos. Lapatin gives many reasons, but the most convincing to me are the details of technique.

What Lapatin was not able to do was prove the case scientifically. There are several alternatives that could explain this result. Either the fragments did not belong to the figurine after all, or they were contaminated by restoration and conservation treatments.

Alternatively, the figurine was made reusing ivory that dated to the Renaissance period, an early 20 th century fake carved from older ivory.

The Boston goddess is no longer on display, and the online collection information reflects the doubts about the date saying that it is either Minoan BC , or modern of the early 20th century.

It is this figurine that has been most often studied, and many of the other suspect figurines, including the ROM goddess, are condemned as fake because of their association with this figure.

Statuette of a snake goddess in gold and ivory, now in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore no. Very similar in appearance, although less well preserved, is a second chryselephantine Snake Goddess in the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.

The figurine was discovered in pieces in a box bound together by the gold foil and wire of the clothing, and was restored using metal rods and gelatin adhesives.

Enchanter Ellendra: Go to Hinterlands. Loot Templar bodies in the Winterwatch Tower area, then return to the Crossroads. Ellendra can be found in a cave.

Have Cassandra convince her to join. Fairbanks: Go to Emerald Graves. Fairbanks will offer to join the Inquisition or become a Noble. Florianne: Go to Halamshiral.

During the quest that involves preventing the assassination on the Empress Of Orlais, reveal Florianne as the conspirator.

Then, return to Skyhold, and use the throne. You can now force her to join. You will find Sky Watcher near a Rift on the way out.

Close the rift, then speak to Sky Watcher to get him to join. Corporal Vale: Go to Hinterlands. Successfully complete multiple quests in Hinterlands to save refugees, and Vale's Irregular troops will offer to join.

You can select a coin reward, increase your Inquisition power, or get them to join for a Forces agent perk. Michel de Chevin: Go to Emprise du Lion, and speak with the soldier near the village.

He will ask you to defeat Imshael at Suledin Keep. Talk to the NPC before defeating Imshael. Successfully complete multiple quests or favors in that area.

Once enough favor is gained from Keeper Hawen, Loranil will join. Enter the bandit camp, and challenge the leader. Speak with any bandit after defeating him to get The Blades Of Hessarian to join.

Bring Varric or play as a dwarven Herald to convince them to join. Tanner: Go to Hinterlands, and defeat Templars to find a note detailing Tanner's association with smuggling.

Speak with Tanner with Cassandra in Redcliffe, down the path from the Chantry, to convince her to join. Jana: Go to Crestwood. Speak with the NPC.

Solas will convince them to join. Frederic: Go to Western Approach. Allow him to live where he will be brought back to Skyhold.

Enter the "Sit In Judgment" sequence, and sentence him to serve the Inquisition. Note: This requires the "Arcane Knowledge" perk.

Servis: Go to Western Approach, and speak with Servis to bring him into custody. You can conscript him into service during a "Sit In Judgment" throne sequence in Skyhold.

Have Vivienne or Cassandra speak to him, and he will provide a perk for the Inquisition. After completing it, he will offer to join either Cullen or Josephine either joining personally or working for the Inquisition with his influence.

Speaker Anais: Go to Hinterlands, and successfully complete the "Praise The Herald Of Andraste" quest to be able to select one of two options that will add her perks to the Inquisition roster: "Spread the word You get one perk point when you advance to a new rank.

There are four perk categories: Forces, Secrets, Connections, and Inquisition. They correspond to Cullen, Leliana, Josephine, and yourself.

Since perk points are scarce, you can expect to only obtain approximately 10 to 12 perk points during a standard game. Each perk costs one point, except for Agent perks.

Agent-based perks do not cost perk points, but will count toward the total points required to unlock advanced perks.

Thus, try to recruit as many agents as possible. Advanced Focus: Increase maximum Focus from to Second-tier focus effect for abilities can now be triggered.

Antivan-Stitched Saddle: Tack of fine Antivan leather, custom-fitted to both horse and rider, which significantly increases resistance to being unseated.

Mage Schematics: Many mages from all over Thedas have joined the Inquisition, hoping for some degree of order and protection. Reverse engineering their robes and staves will provide new, rare schematics.

Master Focus: Increase maximum Focus for all party members from to Third-tier focus effect for abilities can now be triggered. Rogue Schematics: Many of Leliana's new agents bring gear from their previous employers.

Gathering their collective gains will provide new, rare schematics. Warrior Schematics: Sellswords, templars, chevaliers: The Inquisition's forces come from wide-ranging backgrounds.

Scour the troops' arms and armors for new, rare schematics. Master Herbalists: Combat training, top-line equipment, and experience in both allow Inquisition herbalists to find the rarest of specimens.

A large collection of rare herbs will be delivered for personal use. Veteran Herbalists: Survival and harsh environment training will push Inquisition herbalists to gather more exotic and rare plants.

As part of the training push, a large collection of uncommon herbs will be delivered for personal use. Exacting Buyers: A little shrewd negotiation will allow Inquisition procurers to buy a shipment of high-quality materials for their craftspeople.

Friends in High Places: Merchants will send messengers when they have sales at their stores, in hopes the Inquisitor will put in an appearance.

Only the Finest: A word to the right people, and our Inquisition procurers can bid at auction on the very highest-quality, rare materials for their craftspeople.

The Rare Stocks: Inquisition procurers can leverage the organization's reputation to purchase a shipment of rare and valuable raw materials for crafting.

The Short List: Merchants eager to win favor from the Inquisition will give access to special offers for rare inventory.

Deeds Renown: A better network of bards and criers makes every Inquisition deed garner more power across Thedas. Horsemaster Dennet Agent : Dennet lends his considerable experience with the training and handling of various steeds for the Inquisition.

You can craft weapons, armor, and potions. To craft a particular item, it requires a recipe and crafting materials.

Recipes are obtained by buying schematics from shops, glyphs illuminated by Veilfire, and scrolls discovered in treasure chests.

After forming the Inquisition, you can have your smith craft armor and weapons. The smith can also craft weapon and armor upgrades, which can be placed into specific slots.

However, to add elemental effects to your armor or upgrades, you must find a dwarf named Dagna. The schematics required to make equipment are divided into three tiers.

A higher tier schematic will always result in better gear. However, they will also require more material per slot to craft.

Defense: Provides resistance against elemental attacks and damage-type resistances. You can also cause enemies to gain certain status condition. For example, bleeding when they melee attack.

Offense: Provides bonuses for being offensive. Primary: Determines the base armor or attack value of the armor or weapon. It also determines the elemental damage of staves.

The attribute boost is directly linked to crafting material. Masterwork: High tier weapon or armor have an additional Masterwork slot, which requires masterwork crafting material.

Animals are not permitted at the Bowers. Note: Public Tours are temporarily suspended due to health and safety concerns.

Public Tours are offered daily and are free with General Admission. The schedule is subject to change.

Please check-in at the admissions desk upon arrival for the most current information. Note: Due to health concerns from COVID, wheel chair rentals will be suspended until further notice and benches have been removed.

Thank you for your understanding. All areas of the Bowers Museum are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs may be requested at the time of your visit from the security officer at the Museum's entrance.

Complimentary admission will be given to caregivers who are accompanying a visitor with accessibility needs. Visit the Bowers Gallery Store online to start shopping now and sign-up for our newsletter to hear about the latest sales and unique merchandise you can't purchase anywhere else!

Shop Now! Located in the Bowers Museum's Mission-style courtyard, the restaurant dedicates half of its seating to alfresco dining on two large patio areas.

The patios and courtyard are perfect for romantic weddings or evening receptions. Families are welcome at the Bowers Museum and encouraged to take advantage of our free admission for children under 12 years old.

Bowers Family Scavenger Hunt offers a fun, interactive way for children to explore the galleries while learning. Pick up a copy at the admissions desk and collect a prize once completed!

Enjoy a special kids' menu at Tangata Restaurant upon request, limited to availability. Changing tables are available in each restroom in our oversized stalls, indicated by a changing table decal on the door.

Learn More! Bringing The World to You. General Admission. Events Calendar. Free and Discounted Admission. School Groups K School groups, Homeschool groups, youth groups, and scouts can take part in special student tours, art projects, and programs.

Free Admission for Healthcare and Emergency Service Workers As a special thanks to frontline workers, Bowers is currently offering free admission to all healthcare and emergency services workers.

Visitor Resources. New precautions include: Face coverings will be required for all staff and visitors. Bags Backpacks, oversized purses, briefcases, and luggage are not permitted in the galleries at any time.

Cameras Still photography is permitted at the Bowers for private, noncommercial use. Gallery Behavior Touching any of the artwork in the galleries is strictly prohibited.

Just remember: please retain your admission sticker and ticket stub to present upon re-entry Restrooms and Drinking Fountains Restrooms are located on the main floor in Dorothy and Donald Kennedy Wing in the Anthony W.

Sketching Sketching is permitted in the Bowers' permanent collection galleries and special exhibitions.

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