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Die Tiger Warrior ist ein Putter mit verhältnismäßig niedrigem Profil und flachem Top. Sein mittelbreiter Rand ist etwas schmaler als bei einem normalen Aviar. Extrem flach anliegender Warrior Belt zum Befestigen auf einem Einsatzgürtel. Der Hakenklett wird bei Nichtverwendung mit rutschfestem Material abgedeckt. Der Tasmanian Tiger Warrior Belt LC liegt aufgrund der Laser Cut-Konstruktion extrem flach an. Er ist zudem mit Hakenklett-Elementen versehen, die mit. Tiger Warrior

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Dank Lasercut lässt sich Ausrüstung beliebig anbringen. Nach einem gelungen Auftakt in Leipzig ist dies der zweite Termin der Saison Der Eintritt an der Abendkasse kostet 15 Euro.

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Wests Tigers v Warriors - Round 12 2020 - Telstra Premiership - NRL Tasmanian Tiger WARRIOR BELT LC, CORDURA®. Material: CORDURA® den. Farben: schwarz, khaki, coyote, oliv. Größen: S / M / L Länge des Mittelteils. Die Tiger Warrior ist ein Putter mit verhältnismäßig niedrigem Profil und flachem Top. Sein mittelbreiter Rand ist etwas schmaler als bei einem normalen Aviar. - made for a iset-ti.be cmmnt. Tiger is all painting,background some painting some tex. approx hours (not iset-ti.be be 7) White Tiger Warrior. Support your Gym! Gut verarbeitet, auf Dauer wird sich zeigen, wie haltbar Lasercut Molle Beste Spielothek in Loizenreith finden. Dank Lasercut lässt sich Ausrüstung beliebig anbringen. Bleibt gesund! Ältere Beiträge. Ich bin bereits Kunde. Habe da so meine Bedenken. Eigentlich vermisse ich nur die Möglichkeit eine Koppeltragehilfe anzubringen. Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation, sowie der Allgemeinverfügung der Stadt Gangland Game, kann die diesjährige Muay Thai Open leider nicht stattfinden! Und mittlerweile wissen wir, dass wir vor dem Der Einlass für Zuschauer beginnt um Uhr. Am Nach einem gelungen Auftakt in BГ¶hmermann Coin Master ist dies der zweite Termin der Saison Tiger Warrior There was a lot of geography and references to historical places, people, and cultures. Far less action than in others and Beste Spielothek in GemГјnden finden ending was pretty crap. Terms of Service. And it was Roman. After dinner was finished, I decided to clean the dishes, partly because I wanted some time to myself and calm down. Liebe Mitglieder, auch wir möchten in den Zeiten der Corona-Krise ein paar Kalixa.De Login an euch richten: Wie ihr alle wisst haben wir Disagio Kreditkarte eine Situation, Modric Bayern so noch nie da gewesen ist. Euer Tiger Warriors Team. Lieferung bis Dienstag, Der Einlass für Zuschauer beginnt um Uhr. Zuletzt angesehen. Auf die Wunschliste. Genau wie beschrieben und eine leichtere Version des TT Warriorbelt. Seite 1 von 2 Seite 2 von 2. Love the belt, great quality.

What's the difference? I asked him for anything in the papyrus records that might refer to a shipwreck. It's almost as if he had an instinct we'd find something like this.

He reached out and touched the tip of the nearest tusk. It was silky-smooth, but powdery, like chalk.

It's one of very few ancient documents to mention a shipwreck in the Red Sea. Maurice knew we were planning to dive here, on our way up to his excavation at Berenike.

The letter was meant to reach a place called Ptolemais Theron, Ptolemais of the Hunts. That was an outpost somewhere to the south of here on the coast of Eritrea.

It was where the Egyptians procured their wild animals. Because of the shipwreck, the men in the outpost hadn't received their grain.

The letter assures them that another elephantegos was under construction at Berenike, and would soon be on its way with all the supplies they needed.

The one I always get when I dive with you. It's called disbelief. There are two more coral heads. Exactly the same size.

Three of them, in a row. Just the number you'd expect. Chained and roped down just as they would have been in a hull.

A real elephant. Not a statue. We've found tusks and hippo teeth in the Mediterranean. And the coral around here grows pretty fast, quicker than it would take for an elephant skeleton to crumble.

There may be no bones left inside there now, but the coral preserves the shape. Remember, I'm just an engineer. I need to stare this thing in the face.

This could be the one archaeological discovery that finally does it for me, Jack. I think I might cry. He switched on his headlamp again. We need to get them reburied.

But before that we need a film team down here, pronto. This is headline stuff. I've got a channel open to Seaquest II.

I want to have a look at those amphoras in the sand. I'll be within visual range. It had picked up slightly during their dive, raising a pall of fine silt that hung a meter or so over the seabed, briefly obscuring the amphoras from view.

Ahead of him a school of glassfish hung in the water like a diaphanous veil, parting to reveal a reef shark swimming languidly along the slope.

He heard the muffled roar of the Zodiac boat on the surface gunning its outboards, circling to keep position.

A banging from the boat marked their five minute warning. He glanced back at Costas, now some twenty meters away, then dropped down into the suspended sediment.

Costas might not be able to see him, but Jack's exhaust bubbles would be clearly visible. He stared ahead, concentrating on his objective, his arms held out in front of him with his hands together, his legs slowly kicking a frog stroke.

He was in perfect control of his buoyancy. Suddenly he saw them, a row of four amphoras, intact and leaning in the sand, another row poking up beyond.

He exhaled hard, emptying his lungs, knowing his life depended on his equipment delivering that next breath, the edge of danger that made diving his passion.

He dropped down, then inhaled just above the seafloor, regaining neutral buoyancy. The amphoras were covered with fine sediment, sparkling with the sunlight that streamed through the water from the surface forty-five meters overhead.

He saw more rows of amphoras, then a scour channel with darkened timbers protruding below. He drew in his breath. I've seen you empty the gold inside to get at the pot.

Typical archaeologist. Personally, I'll take a sack of doubloons over a pot any day. So what have you got? These date from the time of Augustus, the first Roman emperor.

They come all the way from Italy. His excitement mounted. They've still got the mortar seals over the lids, with the stamp of the Italian estates that made them.

This is Falernian wine, vintage stuff. Costas, I think we've just hit pay dirt. Costas had swum up from the coral head and was hanging in the water at the halfway point, already rising a few meters above the seafloor.

Two minutes to our no-stop limit. There are hundreds of them. This was a high value cargo. A Roman East Indiaman. He felt the thrill that coursed through him every time he touched an artifact that had lain beyond human hands since ancient times.

And shipwrecks were the most exciting finds of all. Not the accumulated garbage of a civilization, castoffs and rubbish, but living organisms, lost in a moment of catastrophe, on the cusp of great adventure.

Adventure that always came with risk, and this time the dice had fallen the wrong way. This had been a ship heading out into a perilous monsoon, for a voyage of thousands of miles across the Indian Ocean.

Jack knew the draw of the east from his own ancestors who had sailed there in the time of the East India Company. They had called it The Enterprise of the Indies, the greatest adventure of all.

Untold treasure. Untold danger. And for the ancients, the stakes were even higher. Somewhere out there lay the fiery edge of the world. Yet along its rim, as far as you could go, were to be found riches that would humble even a mighty emperor, and bring him face-to-face with the greatest secrets imaginable, with sacred elixirs, with alchemy, with immortality.

The alarm sounded, a harsh, insistent clanging that seemed to come from everywhere. Jack took a deep breath and rose a few meters above the amphoras, then began to fin toward Costas.

They would excavate. So much of archaeology was below the radar of recorded history, about the mundane residue of day-to-day life, but here perhaps they had found something momentous.

It was a shipwreck that might have been a turning point in history, that might have determined whether Rome would ever rule beyond the Indian Ocean.

He looked at Costas, who was staring down into the pool of color in his headlight, reflecting off the sand. Jack checked his dive computer, then saw Costas still staring, transfixed.

He followed his gaze, and looked down again. Then he saw it. Yellow, glinting. Sand, but not just sand.

A fantastic mirage. He blinked hard, then exhaled and sank down again until his knees were resting on the seabed. He could scarcely believe what he was seeing.

Then he remembered. A Roman emperor's lament, two thousand years ago. All our money drained off to the east, for the sake of spice and baubles.

He looked up at Costas. He looked down again. The seabed was carpeted with gold. He picked up a glittering piece, held it close. It was a gold coin, an aureus, mint, uncirculated.

The head of a young man, strong, confident, a man who believed that Rome could rule the world. The emperor Augustus. We don't want anyone else picking up what we say.

There's enough gold here to fund a small jihad. He savored the moment, holding the gold coin, looking at the glittering spectacle in front of him, the rows of amphoras in the background.

Costas was right. Jack was an archaeologist, not a treasure hunter, but in truth he had scoured the world for a discovery like this, good, old fashioned treasure, an emperor's ransom in gold.

And it was Roman. He looked up, saw the Zodiac far above, sensed the darker shadow of Seaquest II a few hundred meters offshore.

He flashed an okay signal to Costas, and jerked his thumb upward. The two men began to ascend, side by side. Jack glanced back at the receding seafloor, the details now lost in the sand, the amphoras indistinguishable from rock and coral.

He had dreamed of this for years, of finding a wreck that would take him back to the greatest adventure the ancient world had ever known, a quest for treasures of unimaginable value, treasures that were still beckoning explorers to this day.

His whole spirit was suffused with excitement. This had been the dive of his life. They had found the first ever treasure wreck dating from ancient Roman times.

He saw Costas looking at him through his face mask, his eyes creased in a smile. He whispered the words again. Don't have a Kindle?

Beyond your wildest dreams. Listen free with trial. Customer reviews. How does Amazon calculate star ratings?

The model takes into account factors including the age of a rating, whether the ratings are from verified purchasers, and factors that establish reviewer trustworthiness.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. This wasn't as good as I expected because there was a great deal of back historical reminiscing that dragged the story along.

Usually, I love historical detail about things I wasn't aware of but this story was bogged down with it. Lapis and Peridot are two of my favorite gem stones, and I didn't know where they were mined from, but I did know that Lapis was highly prized by the Egyptians, but didn't know that they were mined in Afghanistan at one time and don't know if they still are.

The history of the Silk Road was interesting and how Roman soldiers got involved in the history of it was too, but the story was dragged down with too much detail and complicated by the British involvement in India.

As a result, I chose to skip ahead just get to where the story actually going. Gibbins has written some interesting stories by weaving in actual historical background, but this is definitely not worth a second read.

I have loved the previous 3 books in the series, and I have every intention of reading the next.

I've not manage to finish this one, I don't know if it's me, or the book is really that bad. I can't say I've enjoyed it, and I'm at least a third of the way into it.

It's really hard for me to push through a book that I consider bad. Even if I enjoy the author, life is too short to waste on bad books when there are too many good ones.

SO in all fairness, I am going to try to give this a few more chapters and if my feelings change, I'll update my review.

If not, then consider yourself warned. Here's how I see it. If you want gratuitous action and predictable elements bathed in cliche then this book is one you will give only 2 or 3 stars to because it doesn't have any.

It is rich with history and believable timelines. Not full of endless confrontations with lots of blood and gore. It's just plain good storytelling.

You want villains who always have eyes on the female character A hyped up man who easily kills 50 men in a day while he gets tortured, bloodied, and knocked unconscious in the same time frame I like all of Gibbons books.

They don't insult my intelligence and give me pap to read. It took me a long time to get through The Tiger Warrior.

I've read several other books by David Gibbins, and looked forward to this one, but I have to say- it disappointed me. It was such a sharp pain.

He stood there with a smile as though he was being a joking little devil. And for hiding in the corner of the training hall yesterday.

Tigress told me. I glared at Tigress for what she did and she just stared back with no emotion. Then I turned my head forward to see Shifu say that Po quit as he's not in his room.

We all followed Shifu to the courtyard outside the training hall to start some training. I let everyone walk in front of me as I stayed back a few feet all because of Tigress and also because I don't feel that welcomed.

This isn't unnoticed as Crane looks behind and sees me apart from the Five. I didn't want to talk about all of that stuff.

Thankfully he didn't push me any further, probably because of the tone of my voice. Okay, what does that mean? Did he want the panda to step down?

Well, that is squandered the moment he pushes the doors open and sees that Po is seemingly trying to do the splits, he seemed very frustrated.

I had to try and contain the laugh that was close to being audible. Crane had to come over to Po and pull him off the set up he used to try and do the splits.

It takes years to develop one's flexibility, and years longer, to apply it in combat" Shifu explained to Po as he threw these two discs in the air and then Tigress jumped up to demonstrate the splits by destroying the discs.

What Shifu said is largely true though, and I say largely because I was able to properly do the splits after one month's training. Then Tigress lands on all fours and scowls at Po, and thens walks back as the pieces of the discs fall.

One of the pieces hit my foot and I winced at the pain. Then Po for some reason picks up a piece. The only souvenirs we collect here are bloody knuckles and broken bones.

It must be to try and intimidate Po into fear. I just sat on the stairs leading to the Training Hall. Po didn't even have a chance, he needed to work on unexpected attacks, next was Monkey and Po needed to work on rapid fire attacks, Crane, well since they were on this jade tortoise, he needed to work on balance.

And then there's Mantis, with this one, size and speed. Shifu had a look on his face of supposed victory, just disgraceful.

Po, however was still pumped for more, what is up with this panda? This must've been the last straw for Shifu since he decided to face against Po, he didn't even face Tigress yet, and judging by the looks the Five gave to each other, Shifu must be brilliant.

Yep, he threw Po around in a blur and beat him up a lot. All the while telling him stuff about finding an opponent's weakness, and using their strength against them till they quit.

Po was so oblivious to what Shifu was trying to do that he flat out said he'll never quit. Shifu looked mad, and he kicked Po through the door and he bounced off the stairs.

Okay, now this guy doesn't deserve to be a Master, I know that the Masters I knew would say the same thing. Will they just stop with the bullying.

Thankfully, Viper hissed at him to stop, why is Viper the only one excluding me that is willing to give Po a chance.

I wouldn't mind a little spar for the day. Then she struck at me but I managed to miss her tail and kicked her to keep some distance between us.

She then came me again slithering on the floor and wrapped herself around my ankles and then swiped my face with her tail.

It stung but then out of nowhere I had some strength in me which allowed me to perform the Spinning Wheel and then hit her with my feet and hands.

This was what stopped her and I saw the looks everyone gave, they were surprised to say the least. I landed on all fours and sat on the ground with sweat pouring down on my face.

Viper then slithered her way towards me and bowed. She's reminding me of a friend I once knew. Then I got up on my feet and tried to walk to the barracks but Shifu stopped me,.

Nearly everyone there jumped at my outburst and strength. Shifu looked angry at me and pointed his staff at me. Now I've just had enough of this bullshit.

He just lit a fire in me. I swatted the staff away and pointed my finger right at him. And you don't deserve to be called Master after your disgusting behavior towards the panda!

And you should keep your little kitty cat on a leash! Then right when I finished that I heard a roar to my right and felt claws strike my cheek which made me lose balance and then Tigress pounced on me with my chest on the ground.

She then dug her claws in my arms. Not again. Again, she called me a freak. I may have been told to train here, but it doesn't technically make me a student.

Now get off me! She thankfully did that by backflipping off me and landed next to Shifu. I sat up and saw that she didn't draw blood and then I wiped my fingers on my cheek and felt pain and saw blood on my fingers.

Then I got up and walked. Now was the time to tell them something I've thought about for some time. Everyone there, even Shifu and Tigress looked at me as though they were saying 'What?

Then I just ran away to try and clear myself, as I did this I heard Viper calling out for me. I ran as fast as I could to the Peach Tree since it helped me last time.

When I reached the tree, I collapsed on my knees from being exhausted and I was thinking about my past for the first time now.

I was remembering all of the screams, buildings on fire, roars and fighting. It all is too much for me that I cried under the pressure.

How can I move on and let the past go as it defined me for who I am. You also have to understand and overcome fear and worry, they'll hold you back.

How the hell does he read my mind? If you saw my past, you'd see that it's impossible to do that. This place can help you with that and even give a family to support you.

You might as well give it a chance. It made me feel better and looking back, I should try harder than I usually did before. I realised it was nighttime so I walked to the barracks to try and sleep.

Then as I walk down the hallway, I heard some talking and it's coming from Po's room. I walked quietly so that I could hear what's going on.

The door was open and Tigress was standing in front of Po. Or since. From what this suggests, it seems that this Tai Lung did something bad and it affected Shifu so much that he thinks he can make up for a mistake by training the Dragon Warrior, apparently believing Tigress is the Dragon Warrior.

That's it! She even raised her arm up to strike Po but then Mantis stops her saying that he's tweaked his facial nerve.

Then Po fell forward and holy shit, the amount of acupuncture needles seem overkill. This woke everyone up from their trance at Po and looked right at me standing in the corner with my arms crossed.

This surprised me since when I last saw her, she looked as if she wanted to kill me. You seemed distraught and upset when you ran from the courtyard.

I was remembering what Oogway told me and I think it's now time to tell them and maybe start the process to let the past go. The Five positioned themselves to listen and Mantis is still dealing with Po.

Each style is taught by 3 masters. I was taught in the Tiger style by Master Yen, he was the greatest teacher at the academy.

He had a bond with a warrior who was taught the Tiger style as well, Moon Sang. Yen found Moon abandoned in a ruined house when he was a baby and raised him as though he were a son.

Moon took to kung fu like a fish to water, he would always try and perfect himself and even partake in tournaments held at the academy.

This wasn't enough for him though. All of it corrupted him to the point that he wanted more than to be a master. He wanted the crystal.

Anyway, Moon craved so much power because he learned of why he was abandoned when he was a baby and wanted revenge. When he was found guilty of these actions, he was expelled from the academy, feeling he was denied his revenge and power, he formed a gang and tried to take revenge on the academy.

All of the masters and students including myself fought for the whole night. The zoo in the academy was in havoc as members of the gang tried to use the big cats to their advantage.

I was running after Moon as he was trying to get the crystal back but then the tiger pounced on me and the leopard joined in as well, I was practically staring at the eyes and jaws of death.

I was about to be eaten when Master Yeoh saved me and we continued the fight. Yen had to fight the very person he treated as family, Moon nearly won but Yen took him down.

I was physically shaking telling this story but it was cathartic to let it all out and I even shedded tears remembering those that I lost, great friends in students and masters.

Yen decided to destroy the Heart of the Tiger and ever since then, Yen stopped being caring and kind and became strict and distant. I finished my training 3 years after that, and I was gifted with a sword called the Tiger's Tooth.

Viper had her tail over her mouth and Tigress and Crane had their heads hanging down. Everyone agreed and left the room. I was about to as well until Tigress grabbed my hand.

I turned around to see her face and it wasn't even cold and emotionless, there was guilt in her eyes. It worked thankfully as she smiled at what I said.

Here, I realised that I don't fear Tigress and actually enjoy her company, I now think that I've fully overcome my past.

We both managed to get to the kitchen and we both sat next to each other and this was around when Po was explaining a story involving a customer at his dad's noodle shop while making noodle soup.

Tigress just simply some tofu cubes. I wouldn't mind trying the soup. Hope you like it. Mantis took the first sip. You should try my dad's Secret Ingredient Soup, he actually knows the secret ingredient.

Why, you having a smaller mouth means you can eat more than normal. I was so wide eyed. Then he took a huge sip of his soup and he didn't notice that a noodle was stuck above his mouth making him look like he had a moustache akin to Shifu's.

Mantis chuckled at this. Everyone noticed and they too chuckled at this. Well, except for me and Tigress.

Everyone except for me and Tigress didn't laugh because it wasn't even funny. I never heard of it, work hard panda, and someday, you'll have ears like mine.

Everyone laughed harder and I just pinched my nose at how unfunny it was. But then everyone stopped laughing, and when I looked up and turned towards Po, I could see why.

Shifu was standing there with a stern look on his face and he was holding Oogway's staff, why was he holding it? Wait, no, he can't be gone, he just can't.

He turned around and saw Shifu and dropped the bowls which landed perfectly and he slurped the noodle into his mouth. Just great, this Tai Lung is now out and now it seems Shifu is now accepting of Po.

Po himself looked scared out of his mind. So he is gone, and everyone in the room gasped at this news. There's no way, that bastard's supposed to rot in prison.

I stood up so quick that the chair slammed up on the shelf behind me and I slammed my fist on the table.

Everyone looked at me. This makes sense but how is it possible for people from my world to come into this one? I looked up at Shifu and noticed that Po is gone.

Then I looked at everyone and I knew that they were going to try to take down Tai Lung themselves. I know that they believe that they can do it so I can't try and stop them.

At least buy us time. I may have trained in kung fu, but I'm a bit rusty and I need to perfect my form and technique in order to beat Moon since he was considered the best student in the Tiger style.

I walk to Tigress's room and pick up my sword. I put it over my shoulder as the scabbard has a strap and walk through the Jade Palace to try and calm myself to try and think about how to fight against Moon.

My walk led me to this grand hall full of all these artefacts with all these jade pillars, it all looks beautiful and peaceful.

I even rested there for 3 hours. Then I woke up and looked at a pool that is surrounded by stacks of scrolls, and I decided to comb through them to see if there's anything about the whole deal with the Tiger Warrior, and then I finally found the scroll that explains it all.

He will arrive when the natural order of things is off balance. His eyes will find the strength needed to deal with the dilemma.

It seems that I have to maintain order to maintain balance. But it's the last part that made me think, I thought about the bit about the eyes and then like a lightbulb moment in the movies, I pulled my sword from the scabbard and looked at the hilt, I remembered how it has these two jewels on it to represent eyes, so I press on them and it opens the crosspiece and bottom of the hilt.

The hilt had a piece of parchment in it and the crosspiece contained the Heart of the Tiger. I grabbed it out and looked at its orange glow with outlines of black and white, I forgot how beautiful it was.

Then I looked at the parchment and it was revealing to say the least. I destroyed a fake one and hid the real one in your sword to protect it and because I fear that Moon may come back for it and I know that it's meant to be yours for you are the only one able to release its true power and it in turn make you grow into a mighty kung fu master.

I may not have shown it but I'm so proud of you and I always looked at you as a son. I know you will do great things. Love, Yen.

I can't believe it, not only did he entrust the crystal to me but he actually did truly care for me. I cried at this new knowledge and it didn't go unnoticed as Shifu had entered the hall and saw me sitting by the pool.

I looked at him and his face was full of worry. And I just found out he actually considered me a son. I simply gave him the Heart of the Tiger and the note Yen left me.

He was as surprised as I was. It sounded like Po. I put the Heart back in my sword, put it back in the scabbard, strapped it on my shoulder and we both walked to the Training Hall as it would make sense he'd be there based on his yells.

It was very early in the morning as the sun was barely visible and the sky was in a red hue. And then the yells came again and they are more clear and yet, sounded like they came from the barracks, why there?

We both walk to the barracks and as we get closer and closer to the barracks the yells are more clear and then we walk through and realise that they're coming from the pantry.

So we walked to the pantry and I couldn't believe it, Po was doing kung fu moves and he was using them to get his hands on food stuffs.

He smashed his through a cabinet and grabbed what looked like a sandwich cookie and then he noticed me and Shifu standing there with our mouths open.

Then there was the awkward silence as we looked around at the mess he made. I eat when I'm upset, okay? I looked down at Shifu and he didn't even look angry, instead he had a smile on his face which is weird.

He gestured to me to follow him and I was so confused. I followed and he hid so that he can see what Po will do. Then there was a little comotion and we turned to see Po doing the splits while eating the cookies.

How is that possible? Someone of his build and body mass shouldn't be able to do this early in training. Shifu and Po were talking about how Po got up there and then when Po said that it was an accident, he crashed.

I ran to Tigress's room and grabbed a backpack and put in essentials and then met up with Po and Shifu. We took this hike which led us away from the Jade Palace and through the mountains, I found the hike very peaceful, I was reminded of the hikes I took back at the academy but those thoughts would be interrupted by Po wheezing and complaining.

Me and Po have finally catched up with Shifu and we saw him seemingly meditating on a rock and in front of him is a pool which was surrounded by other rocks and mist.

It all felt mystical and serene. This is the birthplace of kung fu. I saw Po put his paw over his heart and I understand why as it's not everyday you visit a place of significance when it comes to kung fu.

Po cried at this in happiness and I simply bowed to Shifu. Then we were taken to this wide field and Shifu stood in front of us on a rock.

Po put his hands high on his sides and I put both hands behind my back. But perhaps that is my fault I cannot train you the way I have trained the Five, I see now that the way to get through to you is with this.

He showed him a bowl of dumplings by the end and it does seem to be the way for Po to actually get ready for Tai Lung. Shifu lowered the bowl and gave a little chuckle, I immediately knew what he was going to do with Po.

Then he drew his attention to me and noticed my stern look. I'll help you perfect your Tiger style and even teach you moves that this world offers.

I feel like I cannot let him down since I need to stop Moon and then be able to fully move on. The training was pretty tough, but I like it that way as it pushes me and makes me want to keep going and perfect my form.

Shifu's teaching was very much like Yen's, he was patient and helping since it was tough to perfect my form and wrap my head around the new moves he taught me.

On the final day of training after Po finished his training, I was surrounded by both Po and Shifu on my sides and then they both charged at me.

I was able to be quick enough to block them both with my arms and legs. And using my sword was now more easy and fluid than before.

The end of the training came when I performed an extremely powerful palm strike at Shifu that sent him flying a good 10 metres away.

I'm now ready to face Moon. Then the three of us walked back to the Jade Palace and I was amused at Po explaining how he's become awesome and even Shifu was amused which was a nice change.

What the hell? Then Crane landed in front of us and the rest of the Five landed as well but they looked as though they were frozen stiff.

I've seen anything like this, and I noticed some slashes from what seemed to be a bladed weapon, that must be from Moon.

Po was so shocked that he was struggling to speak, Shifu was shocked stiff at first and I instantly went to Tigress and she looked like she took the most beating.

Then he proceeded to get the others back to normal. I heard from them how Tai Lung was getting stronger but I didn't pay much attention since I grew concerned for Tigress and how much pain she must be in.