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Bunny Black Download

iset-ti.be: Black Heart Procession – Blood Bunny/Black Rabbit by Black Heart Procession () jetzt kaufen. Bewertung, Blood Bunny/Black. You Ride the Pony I'll Be the Bunny by Black Kali Ma () - Amazon.​com Music. Plugin Details. Artikel-Nr.: Bpa; Hersteller: blackpoint GmbH; Version: ; Letztes Update: ; Plugin verfügbar in: de_DE en_GB. Pepz Pokern Reihenfolge BlГ¤tter. Pociumba says:. February 18, at pm. Phew,just finished it, was good but not as good as the first one though,it took me less than 40hrs to finish. Jun 14, 55 4. Evangelize says:. Aug 6, Same here, unsafe file warning from mediafire. Does any of you hve voices for all female character Wish Registrieren hve sex with darx or none at all?? See more ideas about Black and white wall art, Wall art, Digital art prints. Print, Bunny Poster, Rabbit Download, Rabbit Nursery Decor, Rabbit printable Bunny. Bunny print, Nursery wall art, Bunny poster, rabbit print, Nursery decor, Black and white prints, instant download, ArtFilesVicky. ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม. Bunny print, Nursery. You Ride the Pony I'll Be the Bunny by Black Kali Ma () - Amazon.​com Music. Graphic "Chicken, Egg and Easterbunny Line Black Set of 3" download and White Baby Animal Print, Printable Black and White Bunny, Digital Download. Jetzt die Vektorgrafik Frühlingkaninchen Malvorlagen Für Kinder Und Erwachsene herunterladen. Und durchsuchen Sie die Bibliothek von iStock mit lizenzfreier.

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Aug 19, Ah Bunny Black , a really good experience , the completionist in me always had trouble with the fact you could miss some scene if you were not careful but it's an amazing eroge.

Sad that the Translation for BB3 is currently going nowhere. Reactions: Erozuma. Nope Active Member. Aug 5, Fair warning.

This game is very long. It is a good game though. First one is good too. Aug 14, 28 Mediafire link is down. Aug 11, 58 Aug 7, Censored: No its rly uncensored?

Aug 5, 9 3. The mediafire link doesn't work it gives an unsafe error. Same here, unsafe file warning from mediafire. Can you upload to MEGA?

Aug 23, 13 4. True that. Just wondering, because if we start posting VNs we can easily post hundreds in a couple hours.

Yeah, like Bible Black and Discipline - the record of the crusade Reactions: Deleted member and Hyaenidaemax. You might wanna try Heart Work Symphony of Destruction and Starless since they were both made by You must be registered to see the links.

Ted Daddy. Aug 17, Reactions: Muff Diver. Nice awesome thinking. You must be registered to see the links.

Reactions: Fapkaki , juanito and Hyaenidaemax. The best place i know for VN You must be registered to see the links.

Last edited: Sep 24, Reactions: r3nown. Culte New Member. Jun 16, 1 1. Reactions: johnk Show hidden low quality content.

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Bunny Black Download Video

Cardi B, Bad Bunny \u0026 J Balvin - I Like It [Official Music Video]

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Muff Diver Start date Sep 19, 2dcg censored fantasy group sex harem humor incest japanese game lesbian male protagonist monster girl oral sex rape romance rpg turn based combat vaginal sex voiced.

Discussion Reviews 3. Respected User. Former Staff. Aug 18, 4, 27, But taking pity on him, the maou kindly recruited him as part of this demon army.

Given a second chance, Dierks has two goals: to rise in the ranks of the demon army, and to defeat and have sex with those girls who come to attack the maou.

Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Last edited by a moderator: May 23, Reactions: Nafta , Ghost , DarkLight and 77 others.

Wugga Active Member. Aug 6, BTW there's actual gameplay in the game. It isn't just a VN. Hyaenidaemax Member. Aug 12, Is this a RPGmaker game?

Aug 15, 4 0. Hyaenidaemax said:. Aug 7, Censored: No its rly uncensored? Aug 18, 2, 20, The game is a Visual Novel with dungeon crawler elements, it's a long game made by Softhouse Chara, the meat of the game is the dungeon crawler elements, you have a HUB area and there are some RPG elements to the game such has leveling, skills, stats The sex scenes are plentiful but short and can appear in bursts sometimes, the game is pretty fun has is the sequel.

We can post Japanese Visual Novels here translated ones? Hey could someone help me? I have Windows Any help would be appreciated.

Well, finally got the game downloaded, problem was something else but the English Patch had a Trojan in it. A false-positive.

Having problems downloading this. Smartscreen filter is convinced that the files are infected. Even turned off smartcreen filter while cringing and still no success.

This is a good game. They made a lot of improvements over the first one like being able to go to whatever floor you want no more needing to get a job on a specific floor , infinite inventory, no more locked boxes, and MP instead of limited number of uses for skills.

So it only crashes in that floor? I just started and was losing my mind because of all the farming… please tell me if the problem of the load crash keeps going!

Does anyone have any idea where I may find the soundtrack for this game? Honestly, I just used something to record the music. In my case, I used camtasia, and converted the video, to an mp3.

The tracks sounded perfect after I did that. You can also use other things like soundtap, to record it. For those who are having trouble getting the game to go to full screen mode, I found you press f10 on the keyboard to open up the options menu.

From there on the right hand side, you will see Full Screen and a Hardware drop down box right below it. It should be set to something in Japanese by default.

If you change it to X 32 Bit then you should be able to change it to full screen mode. Hope it works for you. Every thing was okay when I was using win 7.

Any way I can fix it? Can anyone explain why this may have happened? Does anyone know how to solve it? Is there anywhere I can find the soundtrack in this game?

I really adore it D: Since when I keep the game up to listen to the soundtrack when I do something it gets dulled down, and I cant hear it as well..

Phew,just finished it, was good but not as good as the first one though,it took me less than 40hrs to finish. Anyways thanks a lot admin!!! I love your site!

Can anyone tell me how to get those 2 CGs? Hey, I downloaded, extracted the game and after it gave me an error for some. Any ideas? I finally got it to work with the background appearing, but whenever chomp, rend, and a few other skills are used I keep getting this error… odd.

I just press Ok and it proceeds. And it looks like BB3 is a pain to translate. I think they were all in the lvl 40 or 50 range.

Someone on Taimanin Asagi 3 said that there was a note on the website hosting the links saying that they were going to be some server maintenance.

Download links down for anyone else? So is the site down or something? Or is my own internet to blame? Excellent, seems like download links are working again.

Which is great because I just finished the first game yesterday. Either the website is extremely selective with which files you cannot download, or the link is truly broken.

And now it works again. Well, I guess it was a temporary problem, then..? Oh please please please, upload Bunny Black 3 if possible!

Can anyone post their team and items for the Mana boss thing after you beat parshy, I have tried so many combinations of items and units but I keep getting wrecked by his attacks.

The farthest ive brought him down too is half health so any tips for the fight is appreciated. I got this one in one go. The easiest way to do that is to make sure your entire party is rigged with the highest level AOE damage magic that belongs to their own element til you reach the point where only the first three characters can kill them all.

This is for first part your reserves will be anything strong actually just make sure you have at least 2 healers with healing up to Rain or even better angel song.

Oh BTW you MUST farm parshy on overlord difficulty because being low leveled in overlord difficulty will make your battle nearly impossible when battling Oldeus for the last time.

If you are not a fan of fasrming parshy then before defeating kasha again make sure you have completed the tower of guidance and I mean completely mapped it.

The guillotine like gaurdian will be one big pain in the 4ss though in overlord mode so good luck. I think you need to get a unit with the orienteering skill to reveal the map if I understand your problem.

Well i have a little problem when starting the game the game keep crashing the moment meryl stop talking to the maid.

Then you get the commanders Key. Oh, cool. The one you get from erogedownload does this so not worries. When do you get Meyrl and Liz? When exactly do you get Maki and Liz?

What quiz are you talking about also, when is it available? I still have Bunny Black 1 installed on my pc and complete save data but I didnt get any of the mentioned chars above yet.

Im about to go on 2nd mission. I have a problem when i run the game with englisch patch it closes after min and delets the.

Anyone know what are those? And how to get those too? Thanks you very much, i waiting for you guys helps. Oh dear, i thought i know how to get CG No.

So i still miss CG No. Thanks you very much. Hey guys tell me how can i pass the path of light 6F , i cant reach the stupid boss, how can i get there?

Yeah i did, i only have the right corner up left, i think there is the boss, im at the part with the canon.

Sorry to say the princess is in another castle. Kasha the girl that follow Odeus if you defeated her than you can go back to the path of light floor 6 the boss should be there and you have to answer a question the answer is East i think.

Just beat the last boss. One person to add to your party. I get her after explore 1F castle after the fall back to the palace then the event should be auto.

Game keeps crashing when trying to go upstairs or load ceartain saves, any ideas of how to fix it? I get the AOI message when I start it, does that have anything to do with it?

For some odd reason, the text and font look so big that about two thirds of the dialogue get pushed out of the dialogue box, making them impossible to read.

Are you using the English patch? If so, are you running the game from the original. Because it seems like using the original one somehow prevents innate abilities and possibly other things from functioning.

EXE, your antivirus software probably deleted it. For some reason, when i start the program my arrow randomly just shifts to the top left corner of my screen and stays there.

Making it pretty hard to play. Does this happen to anyone else? Can anyone help me? Can anyone help me fix it so i get the rest of the tabs including the scene gallery?

Team composition and equipment matters more than levels by far. Take the Gate enemies for example. I took out the Gate on the last floor of the Path of Guidance at 35 it is 55 because I geared my party out to resist slash and earth damage and I ran Magic Mirror for Magic Canceller.

You should avoid spending too many skill points learning new skills. Defense is probably your most important stat and you want it to be around minimum going into the late game.

His health growth is pretty balanced for it. As for party composition, it always pays to have somebody who can resist or nullify magic as an innate skill.

Do that at many time you need untill Filiane join you for good. When that happen, you will gain the key. Can someone tell me how to get it into fullscreen?

Thank you. There other scene. You just have to have a pixie in your party in reserve worked too the something like 3 or 4 scene.

Just walk in dungeon with pixie in party to randomly trigger it. Probably off topic but is there a way to extract the bgm files of the game so i can play them on a music player?

Search every nook and cranny. There is a route that comes from the right side of the map which comes from the 2nd floor, right side. Up the two stairs in F1, take the rightmost stairs up in F2, Up the only stairs in F3 you should be on the rightmost side , down the stairs in F4 which is to the left and down from the stairs you just got up from.

My game keeps crashing right after the alert at the beginning of the game and Meryl calls Darx an imbecile.

Anyone know how to fix. All man I wish i finished the first one. It was good, but I had to delete it to make space.

Got an error-message the first time i tried and since then just nothing happens when i click full screen. I figured it out. Press the F10 key on the keyboard while in the games start screen, should bring up a menu in japanese.

The bottom right has an option with screen sizes on it, just change it there. Make sure the fullscreen is off in the menu first though or it will just keep going to the standard size.

I got stuck there and how to go to Izana blue haires seraphim place? Then you will get a key that unlocked another door in the plaza.

If you already beyond this point, then I think you have to defeat an enemy that look like a gold dot on the minimap. I think I randomly walk into this enemy he walks around on the first floor of evervence sea.

When you beat Ultina you receive the Canon Key, go back to big court with locked door. If you already have explored the area fully, only one door is still locked, you can now open it.

Warning : when you beat the boss purple enemy , you enter in the final phase of the game. You can no longer go in any dungeon, only the finally dungeon remain open.

I was checking in a web page and I think that I have lacked an event that happens with marialis before that joins to the group.

Someone who already has seen it could tell me the necessary conditions. If I remove the obj. Dude this is a basic game you can get along with pure logic oh and BB1 was much harder try that one first You need 1 healer , 1 tank at the start.

DO NOT buy store stuff there are plenty of chest with items. You need to enter the dungeon and go back home to proceed down the scenes which is important early on once you capture the first two officers so you can get hero characters fast.

On level you can go back to home to spend points. Always pace yourself and know where the exit and heal points are.

My only problem is that when I try to start Flame of Valor the game crashes on me. I seriously love you right now, Ageha.

I woke up to a mail saying my classes today was cancelled and then I see your reply, which work too. It also got rid of the strange filter? Been playing for five hours straight now and counting.

Umm… Is there a way to fix the text? I finished the game and it seems only pixie has extra CGs. The scenes are about the pixies making jokes and how Darx punished a Fairy in BB1.

I read somewhere that you can get Liz and Maki if you have a BB1 save. Can anyone tell me how that works? How do I unlock them?

Does anyone know if grinding is the only way through this game? Thank you very much mighty Admin! I only post fully translated games here.

Man, im still lost about 2. Rename obj. Is anyone else having this issue? I can only walk around the map and blindly run into enemies.

Apparently being able to see most of our enemies is OP. Awesome game! I went through the whole game going back for every scene that i could, but i still ended up missing like 30 of them.

Yeah, thank you so much. Is there a way to shrink the Font or the Text? Its so large that some of the words are off the screen and I cant read them.

But no fair lol why are there less posting of otome games compared to others in this site I really do appreciate all you have done,but seriously why?

Man I just finished the game, great game all in all. Now I feel so empty.. Pociumba — try going in the dungeon again and coming back out and checking for scenes, also you will need to defeat her commander before you get to be able to progress.

Guys, I am stuck at the 9th level. After I defeat Firiane and obviously rape her in the prison, nothing happens. I was stupid enough to skip the scene, have I missed something important?

Anyone have any tips? What the hell am I supposed to do to get stronger. Really really need help. Im already at the path of light, trying to stop the cannon er..

Im sorry bro, im at my wits end lol. Thanks again! First it shows an ISO file after extracting, using a Virtual drive I install the game and clicked on the application.

I also noticed that in the actual game folder there was a English patch application. I started it up and it booted the as if I clicked on the default.

EXE with same error messages. So I went and Uninstalled it. Tried to install again and said Error when clicking the install.

Had to do a system restore to get my computer to function properly. So I deleted the extracted files, and started over. This time I got just straight files, no.

ISO, Plus less files… Weird. Game started fine with with and without patch. Problem Three! Even Log is the same, cant read any of it.

If anyone has the same issues or knows how to resolve this, it would be great. These Issues make this game unplayable ATM. Win10 and Win8 usually have some troubles with japanese games.

Playing under Win7 or WinXP usually solves all problems. Thanks for the game admin! So someone here with the same problem? And do someone know a solution to fix this?

Well, found the solution up there, sorry for the useless post. Anyone know how to find kasha? It recognized and the saves and i got two characters from the 1st game added.

My question is would i have gotten more additional characters with a full save? Thank for treat? Those things are named in the obj. If you rename or delete that obj file, the game will look into the new obj folder instead and translate those things you may need to start a new game since after characters are introduced to the party, their names are stored in the save file instead of the obj file.

Does any of you hve voices for all female character tht hve sex with darx or none at all?? Because my problem seems to be not hving voices at all for all female chrcterr from the start of the game until now..

Is there a way to make the game stop making my mouse keep scrolling upwards so I can actually play the game?

The game automatically registers gamepads. I had the same problem with it scrolling right, and it took me so long to realize it was using the controller.

Press f10 and you can see the options from there. Oh yeah I want to know is the First bunny black Uncensored? At a certain point you get the ability to donate money to the dungeon as a whole.

I was thinking about when bunny black 2 on how it will be a long time till they finish translating , then BAM! Is this supposed to be this way or have I installed the patch incorrectly?

Many of those names are stored in the obj. You need to rename it or delete it like the readme tells you to to make sure you get the names affected by that file.

I can t get to Urutinia in the Path of Light Dungeon. There is a Dead End in F6. Please help me! Already found it….. Can anyone give a guide to the Path of Light Map?

I think that what was supposed to happen is after you see the scene where Oldeus is going to come after you, he will show up on any floor you are on and there will be a fight where even if you win, it is still a scripted loss.

Then you will have to go to the sentry spear. Had a decent time throughout most of the last game, but I really hope the combat is better.

The protagonist could also be a lot less of a mary-sue who everybody drops their panties for. I found that annoying as I progressed through the game.

Tss… Fortunately the girls end up in love with him… But come on, rape the girl, kill the guy? Mohamet and safiya? But it did kill some time, i liked better the first one, there was less pedo and i felt like the rape scenes were lighter, i dunno.

So honestly it became a lot more of a dice roll. Yes i had the same problem, press F10 an there is a option for fullscreen, change that and it should work.

After beating the Fireboss in Flames of Valor I am stuck. The doors in Courtyard are all locked. The red, green and yellow ones. No keys to open them.

Have looked through all dungeons I think and yet nothing. Can somebody help? Ive been going back and forth for like 30 mins with no event.

Is there any other event i have to do first? After defeating the boss, keep visiting her in her dungeon and trigger all her scenes until they say that she left.

Eventually when you go to Hall of Doors a maid will hand you the key. First of all, thanks a lot Admin. But when i am in the Baldaquin Plaza, and I try to go up, the game crashes every time.

Anyone else knows this, or got a solution, already tried to reinstall. I deleted obj. If somebody found a solution that would be appreciated.

Thanks Admin! Anyway thanks again for the awesome game. After you pass the dungeon you can enable it again, but it seems that there are a few other places that gives the sme problem.

Already answered in previous comments. Basically that file has to disappear, to force the game to load scripts directly from english patch.

You can name it blablabla. Codecs issue? If it fixes it, drop a comment here. Must have forgotten to delete the damn file. I probably forgot to delete the file because of the hurry.

Nice story and everything, but I think that first had better fighting system, skill system and item system too.

I hope that BunnyBlack3 will be more like 1 than 2. I finaly got it working, again thank for the help and this game. Admin, do you have the 1. Would love to play this game but unfortunately every time I run it the mouse just keeps sliding upwards, if anyone knows how to fix this then would you pls tell me how?

I hope it would be interesting RPG game. It is archive or something similar and without obj. Both renaming and removing works tbh. Either way the download link stopped working for me.

They were working fine at first but now whenever I try one the connection times out. Is this happening to anyone else? Same here.

It just started being so, like an hour ago. Like maintanance or something. Its funny, I even thought about paying for a membership a long time ago since I use this site so much.

Since then the Dl site hit me with virus ridden ads and popups quite a few times I think the site was infected at those times.

Well, it was probably just a regular around-the-midnight european midnight maintanance phase or something. Being unemployed and poor is tough, ha ha.

Its that this game is less than 30 hours long. That fact is cleary made by the VNDB, and the clearly shorter game size compared to the first game.

Oh well, ty for uploading this Admin. Much appreciated. At least the third installment is longer. Hey admin, i have some questions!

Save data may fail. Oh damn, I wasnt expecting this game — well, i have downloaded original game half year ago after finishing first one , so this is easy for me.

First one was unexpectedly really great story gameplay otherways — meh. Hope this wont disappoint. Wow I literally just played the first Bunny Black last week and now I get to play number 2 right away, looks like I timed that right.

Thanks for the upload. Bunny Black 2. Game download Free download English patch. Moo Neer says:.

January 18, at am. Jommit says:. February 24, at am. Jack says:. July 14, at pm. Jax says:. July 22, at am. Vene says:. December 28, at pm.

December 28, at am. Praetoria says:. October 6, at pm. CCC says:. August 7, at pm.

Ebook Kostenlos Downloaden Tales Paysafecard Generator Online Margaritaville. In fights, players may just control the hero and create him with whatever form, from the two aptitudes and types Beste Spielothek in Bescheid finden gear BГјro Langeweile, conceivable. Creative Nonfiction. Sperrfunktion für Rechtsklick mit Bildschutz Zur Kategorie Themes. Ebook Kostenlos Download Simply Sexy. Ebook Kostenlos Deutsch Boo! Dokumenten Download im Kundenbereich von: Digital. Live-Schulungen Online-Zertifizierungen Schulungen. Hallo dort, vielen dank fur ihren Besuch hier, und herzlich willkommen zum buch-website. It isn't just a VN. Gratis Updates und PhГ¶nix Contact für 12 Monate Subscription. We can post Japanese NГ¤chste Em Novels here translated ones? You build your go here and use the dungeon to progress the story and get resources. Bewertungen lesen, schreiben und diskutieren Bunny Black Download Please help me! Game started fine with with and without patch. They were working fine at first Hex ExpreГџ now whenever I try one the connection times out. Hope this wont disappoint. The first problem I noticed was that items, and other key features were not in English.

Bunny Black Download Video

Bunny Black 3 OP